Patio Progress

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year break. I’m lucky enough to have Andre home this week… poor guy has a list far longer than this week but he’s doing his best!

I thought I’d do my fair share and get started on cleaning up the corner of the front yard where we’re planning a quiet little patio setting.

Before: On the left side of the front door you can see a small raised garden, with a few little shrubs and a large-ish succulent at the end.

During: Trimming the magnolia tree by the front fence – excuse the mess. The little shrubs are gone but the succulent has grown.0109

Progress: It looks messy but it was worth the back ache. A couple of weeks back we found that the garden (much like the back lawn that was) sat on a concrete slab. All good. That’ll save us a few concrete pavers. Although my first idea was a sweet little recycled brick patio… In the spirit of a positive 2013 I’m happy with pavers – they’ll look right at home next to the existing concrete, and be oh so much easier to lay.

Once I manage to haul that giant mass of succulence up onto the trailer and empty the last barrow load of dirt I’ll get to digging up a 600ish wide strip of grass and get it all smooth and level. Further progress will also involve a waterblaster, some paint to touch up that apricot, laying the pavers, some moss planting between the pavers and a whole lotta pots and plants!

I mentioned the patio furniture back in the fence post (oooh!) and there’s a story behind this little table and chairs set… I’m great at not so subtle hints when it comes to birthday and Christmas presents, and this Christmas was no different. I spotted these in a Warehouse sale catalogue marked down to $139 and emailed Andre with “Christmas Hint” in the subject line and left it up to him to choose “Red or white?” – because I also like a bit of surprise! Expecting him to come back with “well what do you think, red or white?” I was a bit concerned to not get any response, so when I saw them marked down further a week later to $89 I rushed off to get them myself. I called Andre outside when I got home and said “Merry Christmas to me!”…. “Oh.” The look on his face said it all.

The good thing is he also got the white, so we’re totally in sync there. Plus he managed to take his back and get a full refund so we’re up $50!

More positive 2013: Removing this garden is helping our house to breathe. If you peer closely you’ll see a couple of vents that were previously clogged with dirt – just behind the table leg, and to the left of the green pot? This corner of the house gets the least sun and the worst condensation. Hopefully a bit more fresh and flowing air underneath will keep it healthier!

4 thoughts on “Patio Progress

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