Countdown to Christmas

With my almost 3 year old starting to understand the idea of Christmas now I have been wanting to do an advent calendar so he can join me in the countdown… BUT I didn’t want it to be associated with treats of any edible or dinky toy variety. I thought about tree ornaments but I am lacking the sleep motivation to get something like that organised this year.

An email from Baby Bites had some ideas so I took one of them and made it my own…

I had paper, card stock… all I needed was a few minutes and some white sticky dots. Managed to find both this morning!

If you want to print this off for yourself it’s right here. I just cut out santa’s head minus his beard, and the poem block and stuck them both on some silver card, but you could do it a bit different if that’s your thing… I also thought I’d help out Master W with a “beard guide” so he knows where to put the sticky dots, so I just did a pencil transfer of the shape of the beard straight onto the card (it’s very faint and invisible in the photo sorry).

Just waiting for December 1 now to get started on that length of sticky dots!

Anyone else excited for Christmas?!

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas

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