A layered home

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This has been in my ponderings today… a private, multi-level, low maintenance AND kid-friendly backyard. Oh a girl can dream! We haven’t exactly got a blank canvas to work with.

The home of Cris and Marcelo Rosenbaum in Sao Paulo is quite the visual feast and I just love how with all that busyness going on inside there is this outdoor area that is so calm and serene. Their home is delightful in its “lived-in-ness” and has a place for whatever mood its occupants might be in at any one time.

I’m excited to be creating my own “layered home” with our family personalities evident in every corner. Sometimes we’re a bit excited and crazy and sometimes we’re relaxed and content in our own little worlds. The more we live in our house and bring things we love into it the more it begins to reflect our collective personality.

I yearn so much for our house to be finished… but I think a real home is never finished is it?

4 thoughts on “A layered home

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