Turning over a clean leaf

My sister-in-law keeps pinning cleaning schedules on her Pinterest boards… it’s been making me feel guilty. Guilty… guilty… guilty… inspired! I thought I’d give it a go and implement one into my daily routine. The main reason being that Fridays aren’t lighting me up quite like they used to. Now that my littlest one is on the move I’m back to cramming in all my housework into that precious naptime window or vacuuming around kids and toys. Not happy with either.

The best thing would be to ignore it altogether (this and this made me smile) but this also made me smile – “Laundry today, or naked tomorrow.”. So, housework must go on… I like clothes (and a clean house).

So here’s my take on the daily cleaning schedule, designed to take under an hour a day, freeing up my Friday a little for some precious me time.

The happy housewife illustration is from a mid-century Sunlight soap ad, found here. I thought she might be nice to have in my laundry. Just a shame she can’t come to life like a cleaning fairy and whip around the house while I’m asleep – she looks like she’d be so good at it, and enjoy it too!

Today is day 3 of following the schedule… can I keep at it for more than a week?

4 thoughts on “Turning over a clean leaf

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