An eye for detail

I’ve always had an eye for detail… comes with being a sensitive being and it’s like looking in a mirror sometimes to see that in my son. He doesn’t miss a thing!

One thing I’m super-keen to cross off the list is window furnishings… And hardware is just the start. Here’s a collection of inspiration images I’ve been squirrelling away (as much as you can squirrel away in the public realm of Pinterest).

Clockwise from top left:
– Romantic door knob style hold back by Urban Outfitters (no shipping to NZ sorry locals)
Industrial curtain rods from West Elm (alas these are far too impractical to ship far and wide but I have been scouting for bits and pieces to DIY… watch this space)
– Bright painted rods and decorative finials via Babble (an easy DIY unless you can’t manage a spray can)
– DIY your own industrial style rod and fittings as per BHG via Megan Brooke Handmade (such fittings don’t appear to be so easy to come by in NZ…?)
– Aww sweet! A wee bird to perch on high and keep an eye on things. This one from Land of Nod (I’m waiting for them to ship to NZ too!).

While noticing such detail does make the world a more interesting place, it can be hard when it comes to decision time. As you can see I am somewhat eclectic in my design tastes. I pretty much like everything!

At this stage I’m thinking pretty straightforward and planning to DIY a metal rod with basic brackets from Bunnings and spray paint the lot (I will be careful and not rush it!) in a dark pewterish finish. I could be easily tempted into spraying a different colour on the ones for the kids room though… not to mention the master bedroom.

Rods (ie. great lengths of raw steel) just may be getting picked up today (on Andre’s to do list) so there will no doubt be some time spent at Bunnings choosing brackets and then I’ll patiently get spraying this weekend. Let’s hope so!

What is your window hardware style? Simple and let the curtains speak up, or do you like the opportunity to add a little quirky flair in the details?


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