The Block NZ: My Bathroom & Laundry

Oooh this is fun! Our bathroom is pretty good really for such a small space and functions really well but for the lack of storage. Kind of a biggie but we’re living with it (obviously).

So I’ve had a lovely half hour dreaming of my future bathroom which will be a zen-like haven of peaceful Japanese-ness, yet still function well as a family bathroom and have a touch of our signature vintage style. I’ve got it sorted:

Let me paint a word picture to go with the above.

Start at the top right (logical… no, but just do as I say) and imagine this shrunk to dimensions of 2.6 x 1.75m. A fully tiled shower in one corner with frameless glass door and wall, alongside which is a wooden Japanese bath, just the right size for sitting up in. On the other side (just an arms length away, which is fine – the Japanese live a compact life) is a crisp white toilet (toilets should never be any other colour) in one corner and a concrete topped vanity in the other. With baskets on the shelves please – I’m not as tidy as that dream bathroom picture makes out.

Since a couple of weeks spent in Japan way back in 2009 I’ve had a thing for the Japanese way of bathing (I even braved an onsen all by myself due to being the only female in our group) and would dearly love to have the potential for such relaxation in the comfort of my own home. Hence the Japanese bath (or ofuro, via here from My Scandinavian Home) included in my moodboard. There is a company in Oz which might oblige by shipping one to me?! Or we could look into knocking one up ourselves… if we had more than a week of course.

Now, heading anti-clockwise we have a natural colour scheme of soft grey walls blended with white subway tile and darker concrete and timber textures with blushing accessories – girls hang out in bathrooms, boys don’t even notice them.

Because you look up while washing shampoo out of your hair, you have to have something to look at up there. Hence the pretty light (via here) which adds another layer of texture and will look oh so pretty reflected in the gallery wall of vintage mirrors above the vanity and toilet.

Jumping over the Japanese bath (we’ve already covered that well and truly) you get to that sweet little doll – this is a family bathroom remember, and small members like toys in their baths. I also like these boats.

And wouldn’t that blushful bathmat from Urban Outfitters feel nice on freshly bathed toes?

Boring but necessary, the obligatory toilet. This one from here but it could well be substituted by any number of similar ones from here, there and everywhere.

Now, budget you say? This is where I pull my trump card: The Block NZ residents get two bathrooms, we only have one, so it’s only fair I get to spend two lots of bathroom budget on one. Yes. So let me have that ofuro shipped from Australia thanks. Thanks!

Well done Ginny and Rhys – so pleased you won as you are the sweetest couple. Richard and Sarah – boo, but nice bathroom and good effort on the concrete benchtop.

Laundry… sorry my little Miss E is awake and calling, but we’ve done our laundry already anyway. Too fast. And it’s not good practise to look back and say “what if we’d done this instead?” Just makes one miserable.

3 thoughts on “The Block NZ: My Bathroom & Laundry

    1. Jolene Post author

      Mmm I have already started a collection of vintage mirrors, if 3 counts as a start?! Doesn’t surprise me that you’d pick their bathroom – neutrals with red accents is just your thing!

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