Smokin’ detectors

We’re pretty safety conscious around here (paranoid mama) and have always had a smoke detector in every bedroom, plus one in the lounge and hallway. Definitely not in the kitchen… sometimes I burn dinner and it’s enough trying to salvage that without having to find a step ladder (a chair is not enough with our high ceilings) to turn the screeching off.

However, we haven’t ever got around to installing them properly, so they’ve just sat on the top of wardrobes or shelves, which was fine except for Miss E’s current abode where the highest piece of furniture means the smoke alarm was sitting only just above her head height while she’s lying in her cot. Not so good.

Andre found out about these detectors by Cavius (I think there was an article in the paper a while back) and was convinced they’d be worth the investment. At almost $60 each they’re a fair bit more than your regular $10 versions. They are photoelectric as opposed to ionisation, and don’t ask me what that means other than they don’t come with a radioactive material warning sticker. That gets a check from me. Plus they are supposed to have a 5 year battery life, and because smoke alarm batteries only go flat in the middle of the night when Andre happens to be working nights (particularly peculiar since he works very few nights), it’s raining and the stepladder is out in the garage and I’ve only just got Miss E back to sleep after feed #2, that got another check from me.

We got three – one for each of the bedrooms. We’ll risk it with the $10 ones in the lounge and hallway for the sake of the budget.

Here’s the installation in our bedroom (and I apologise profusely for the bad lighting and promise to at least try and do better next time):

It’s advertised as the worlds smallest… but I do notice it every time I walk into our room now. Maybe just because there was nothing there before? But I don’t think the dark strip (assuming this is of photoelectric importance) helps it blend too well with the ceiling.

I tried to get a photo of Andre sitting back to admire his handiwork but I was too slow. Just goes to show Master W takes after him… doesn’t sit still for a second (unless watching motorbike races on YouTube). Phew it’s exhausting!

State of our bedroom: tragic. I know.


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