Inspire Monday: Rug making

I’ve just pinned a new project: a round rag rug!

Hula Hoop Rug

I have searched high and low for such a thing but gave up and bought a regular rectangular rug for the kids room when I decided it would be far too hard to make myself one.

But this tutorial via Colour Me There makes it seem very possible… that is inspiring!

2 thoughts on “Inspire Monday: Rug making

  1. Sonja

    Should I even show you this….. It will definitely be cheaper to make! but this Little Lamb Freckle Rug from Kido Store is yummy! Comes in three sizes, handmade in Nepal, pure wool…. Check it out
    After treating myself to this years Donna Hay Kids Magazine it inspired me to look back at last years Annual 8 Donna Hay Kids Magazine and when I spotted this rug on pg 139 I immediately thought of you…

    1. Jolene Post author

      Yes you are welcome to show me anything! I have seen these in various places and would love one… I first saw them on Etsy at around NZD$500 for the size I’d want. Way too much and all the ones I’ve seen since are even more. Sigh! I’ve never seen that magazine… might be worth a look at!


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