The Block NZ: My Room Three

Love the challenge this week of sourcing secondhand or creating your own furnishings. I would have had such fun!

While Rachel & Tyson’s room is definitely not what I’d want in my house I applaud them for going strong with a definite theme and occupant in mind. It is a far cry from Libby & Ben’s room which I have to agree was a bit over-staged. Yes, the house will be for sale, but this is also a competition which the nation is watching – personality please! We need entertaining. Love the desk idea very much though and I am contemplating a copy for our office nook…

As for my moodboard for this week, it’s too easy… all done! With last weeks Room Two being very much a guest room, Room Three is all about kids. Young kids, and one of each gender.

True to this moodboard, our kids bedroom is coming along nicely with a lot of handmade and secondhand furnishings. Once the manrobe (Trade Me glam job, see here and here) is completed I can hang the round mirror above it and then get started on painting the dresser!

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