Wintering outside

With enthusiasm waning for any major outdoor projects at this time of year, and a birthday party happening last weekend we spent the one before having a jolly good tidy up around the place (again).

I surprised shocked Andre by getting out and digging out this planter box at the side of the driveway before he returned from an early morning pop into work.

I was already halfway through before I remembered to run back and grab the camera. But you can see in the wheelbarrow what I’d already pulled out. There had been a rose bush in there once upon a time, but it’s just been sitting in a sorry state for many months since I cut everything back and piled some old cardboard on top to kill everything off.

There were loads of bulbs amongst the roots so I had a good dig around to get those out as who knows what could sprout back up if they’re left to their own devices?!

Once I gave it the all clear I topped it up again with some rich and lovely More Than Garden Mix that we had left over from the new planter bed against the house.

Note: I snapped this photo before I’d had a good clean up and tidied away the concrete blocks to a less conspicuous spot down behind the garage. Also, the poles sticking up the back of the planter box… no idea sorry but they don’t seem to have any current function and we plan to chop ’em off.

We had a guava tree to pop in here but realised it wouldn’t be ideal due to the overhanging lemon tree and crazy rock climbing vine that would drastically reduce our guavas chance of a normal life. So it is currently awaiting some pretty colour in some flower form or another. Any suggestions?

While I was busy getting dirty with this, Andre and Master W were snipping and mowing and trimming their way around the rest of the front yard.

Actually Andre was trimming and Master W was wandering aimlessly with the orbital sander while “vrrmmm vvrmmm-ing”.

But doesn’t the edge of our drive look like your grandfather has been at it?! We gained another half a metre of drive just by trimming the overgrown edges of lawn. And the new hedge got some much needed tidying attention too and is now trimmed for further bushy growth potential.

The lawns also got done – amazing how just a simple mowing of the lawn can improve the feel of a front yard a hundred times over! Or it does ours at least, because mowing the lawn helps to hide the fact that it’s a little overgrown with weeds. Mown weeds more or less equals mown grass.

There was also a trailer of rubbish made ready to take to the tip:

Said trailer is now sitting empty in the front yard. It and I am enjoying that very, very much! (It’s usually piled high with builders mix or rubbish. Tomorrow it will be piled high with firewood… and we’ll be back to this. Sigh!


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