Colours of Holland

I’ve had this wall hanging folded and sitting in a drawer for a few months now. It was inherited from Andres Oma among a few other little trinkets. As soon as I saw it I thought of the kids room – it’s just so colourful and will add a little layer of Dutch culture. I was hunting through the drawer recently with another project in mind (more on that in a few days when it comes together!) and came across this. Being a quick and easy project I decided to just get on with it, even though I’m not sure where in the kids room I will hang it yet.

All it needed to finish it off was a piece of dowel and some thread!

There are a few watermarks but I’m a bit nervous of washing it in case I damage it… it’s not too fragile though so maybe I’ll try a handwash one day. I was just too keen to get it hanging up!

I love how there are little embroidered symbols relating to each place in Holland ie. Alkmaar has a couple of men holding balls of cheese, there is a famous cheese market there.

At the bottom there are tassels in all the different colours – it’s perfect for Master W and Miss E’s colourful room!

The dowel (which I cut to size and varnished for durability) just slotted in and I added a doubled up red thread to hang it.

It’s currently doing its best to brighten up the hall, just because there was a nail in the wall there already and I’m waiting to finish the manrobe for the kids room before I make decisions about where to hang artwork in there.

This photo of the hall and front entrance makes me shudder – it’s just so dreary looking! Painted trim and doors on the laundry and linen cupboards will help immensely but it needs something bold. First impressions count after all!


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