Rainy day gardening

We have finally got our plants in the garden. After part one and part two to get that wall up, some displaced back lawn, things going on with pea straw and a shopping trip to the garden centre, we have something that now resembles a garden!

It rained just as I finished the tidy up, and has rained off and on since, so our plants should be settling in nicely and if the rain lets up and we get some sunshine, I think we can expect great things!

The main hold up to getting our plants in was this irrigation system. Due to the need to drill into the plaster wall to attach it, and the garden wrapping around the side of the house where the little ones bedrooms are, it had to be done in the small window of time that they are not (supposed to be) sleeping, they’re not eating, getting bathed, dressed or otherwise attended to.

Andre put in a new tap for this system just under the house. The plan is to install a timer – we’re notoriously forgetful and tend to neglect anything that isn’t hanging around our feet whining for attention (which means the kids are doing just fine).

So we left you with this little peek at our plants back here, and you can see the five sprinklers that will cover the whole garden:

But now they’re hunkering down in their new home (broccoli, beetroot and cauliflower):

Leeks, lettuce and spinach:

Among the vegetables we’ve planted some companion nasturtiums, and a variety of herbs – rosemary, thyme and mint – as well as a row of garlic all the way along the back.

Here are a couple of lavender plants which will grow to become a border between the front (citrus trees?) and side (temporary vegetables and herbs) of this garden.

We have yet to get to the front part of the garden so here is how it is looking right now:

This made me smile – the name of this variety of lettuce is drunken woman, and with the incessant battering of rain the lettuce did look a bit sozzled!

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom (whose current lifestyle looks rather idyllic… french countryside, yes please!) has just posted about some lavender planting too. It must be the French sunshine that makes hers look so much more glamourous! She’s also got some mouthwatering pictures of Speculaas (or Speculoos as it must be in French) which I made the other day. I found a little jar of speculaas spices that made its way to us when Andre’s Oma moved out of her house, and substituted it for ginger in a yummy gingerbread recipe from my mother-in-law.

Mmm mmm!

Grow plants grow!

Note: where possible we purchased organic seedlings – we think it’s the least we can do for our own and our children’s health.


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