A concrete wall that wasn’t built in a day: Part 2

And so continues (and ends) the saga that is our raised garden along the front and side of our house.

Part 1 left us with a beginning and an end to our wall, but a large gap in the middle.

So one fine Saturday Andre got to work again:

Built some more formwork:

And fixed it to the existing wall:

Once again he used some heavy duty bits to hold it altogether:

Then got the concrete mixer onto the job:

And with his little helper the wall took shape:

A couple of days later the formwork came down, to reveal a complete wall!

Then one day while I had a moment to myself I got out the bucket of bitumen to add a bit of waterproofing to the inside of the wall:

Then it got a bit exciting after that… a trailer load of beautiful dark “Living Earth More Than Garden Mix”, from NZLS. We ended up going back for a second trailer load at a total cost of $120.

We removed a good part of the pea straw before we dumped the soil in, so we could reuse it on top:

Then we got shovelling:

To protect the lower trunk of the bay tree and give it some breathing space we put some blocks around:

Once we plant around it, and even in the holes in the blocks I think it will pretty well cover up this little oddity in our garden!

Here’s an overall view, but before we cleaned up properly!

As you can see there were a few rough patches that needed some extra attention:

But finally we got it done! And tomorrow I can show you how it looks with plants…!

2 thoughts on “A concrete wall that wasn’t built in a day: Part 2

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