Inspire Monday: Neon and Pastel

This is the first of what I am aiming to make a regular Monday post about things around my home that inspire me.

When you live amongst the debris of renovation and see unfinished projects every way you look it can get a little underwhelming to say the least. Depressing is another word I’m tempted to use when it all gets a bit much!

The reason this colour combo got my attention was because it includes two seemingly opposite trends which have been spotted all over the place recently. Here’s some neon flowers I’ve appreciated, and some peaceful pastels.

And here is a little piece of both worlds by way of some neon watermelon coloured hand soap offset against the pastelly green wall in my bathroom. The gold tapware is another story altogether – one we won’t go into just now.

Isn’t it pretty?! Neon and pastel.


1 thought on “Inspire Monday: Neon and Pastel

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