Getting a handle on it

There are lots of little things you learn to live with when you’re renovating. I imagine it’s the same if you build a new house and move in before it’s completely finished too.

Way back when I invited you all to come walk into my pantry (one at a time… there’s no room for any more!) or maybe when I showed you what we did when I gave up on the reeded glass door plan you may have noticed the lack of a handle on the door… well finally we’ve got a handle on it! (It was a weekend of little finishing projects which always feels good – we also did some painting in the kitchen.)

We picked up this handle at a demolition place (sorry, I can’t remember where or when… it has been sitting around for a while!) and I realised as I watched and took photos why it’s a job Andre has been avoiding!

First up he held it in place while I directed – “up a bit… little bit more… stop – down a bit… yep there!” then he marked the centre (vaguely) with some chalk.

Then came the hard part: cutting into the door so the handle could sit flush (it’s a recessed handle).

After hacking away with the Stanley knife he called in the big guns drill:

This is not a “how to” install a recessed door handle by the way. It’s a “how we” install a recessed door handle.

Finally enough of the poor door was gouged out so the door handle fitted in:

A few screws later…:

…it was done:

Oops… some touch up paint might be required. It looks better from further away!:

It’s the finishing touches that make all the difference isn’t it?

Note: Yes, we have a permanent Bunnings shopping list (empty due to a trip earlier in the day) on the go as well as a grocery one (which is on a notepad so I can then take it to the computer to do my shopping online)! 

3 thoughts on “Getting a handle on it

  1. Stacey

    Great job! I need to do these on our pantry doors. There’s two of them that slide (they are also chalkboard!) Great idea and looks so pretty and “updated”.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks Stacey! It does look better but I have to get used to having a handle there – I keep grabbing the edge of the door to open and close it like I have done for months!

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