Resorting to Plan A

A few weeks ago we went through a few options for our fresh new exterior (still no date but the word from the painter is “any day now”… he doesn’t appear to plan ahead very much, although in all fairness the weather is far from predictable!) and wondered if the colours we picked out first were not quite dark or contrasty enough.

So we picked up a couple more Resene test pots and painted a few more patches by our back porch.

The original scheme of Half Concrete walls/Eighth Friar Grey sill/White window frame is at the bottom left. Above that we tried full Concrete but the verdict was it’s too grey. We want “white” not grey. At the right we tried out the other samples that we used on our test boards – Truffle and Half Truffle. These are warmer greys but we also wrote them off as too grey.

So we’re back with our original choices and can’t wait to say “good riddance” to the awful apricot!


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