Rainy day painting

Way back when we moved into the new kitchen we hadn’t quite finished the painting. And we made the mistake of using masking tape, and took it off weeks later. Not good at all! We had bare patches where the tape ripped the paint off all around our windows and doors. Lesson learnt – now we cut in freehand like pros.

Today, instead of planting out our new front garden (which is almost finished and ready for a paintless reveal) we’ve been staying out of the rain and getting some painting done.

It took me a couple of hours to do the dining room end while Miss E was sleeping and the boys were out at Bunnings picking up some irrigation supplies and forgetting my picture hanging strips. Then Andre has just finished the touch ups around the kitchen and in the pantry while I put the two little ones into bed for afternoon sleeps.

We used Resene Space Cote Low Sheen for Kitchen & Bathroom – it’s low VOC and more resistant to steam and cooking mess than regular paint. The colour is Half Rice Cake, which is a warm white. All our trim is Resene Enamycryl in White – it’s a bit glossy which I love!

This patch got missed on the first coat because we mistakenly marked it out for tiling, but of course the tiles stopped at the edge of the bench!

Unfortunately we still have a bit of trim left to paint, and our french doors, back door and windows still need some tlc. Maybe when Miss E starts going to bed more reliably at 7ish and not getting up multiple times in the night… maybe then I’ll have more energy to tackle a door or two in the evening!


4 thoughts on “Rainy day painting

  1. Hazel Schreiner

    It looks so lovely! Really adore the colours you have chosen. I wish Jellybean would start going to bed reliably at 7ish too! AND not wake through the night! Hopefully soon the teething period will be over! 🙂 Hazel

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks Hazel. We have resale in mind with our choice of colours so they’re very safe and boring but we can go a little bit mad with furnishings! We’re still waiting for Master W’s last set of molars at 2 1/2 and wondering if Miss E is just getting started… life will not be ours for a while longer!

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