Kindy art as nursery art

I discovered the art box at kindy last week (it takes longer for new mums to settle in than new kids!) and to my surprise there wasn’t just one or two paintings by my little one, but seven! Maybe he will end up a designer like mum instead of a builder?

A quick look at my fridge determined it wasn’t going to be a solution for any more than one of these precious masterpieces, so I put my best thinking cap on and came up with a display system in Master W’s own bedroom. Two reasons: his room desperately needs some attention by way of artwork and bits and pieces, so this is a start, and second, I’d like to encourage him to be proud of his creations so what better way than to give them pride of place in his own space?

I fossicked around in my drawers to find some of these magic hooks (note: all households should have a stash of these in various sizes!) and got to work while it was just Miss E and I at home.

A hook went up at each end of the beam that runs across the ceiling (where the doorway used to be between the old kitchen and laundry):

And then I ran the string across the floor between them to estimate the length.

I over-estimated, but that’s always better than under when it comes to string lines!

As far as fixing the string line to the hook, I just knotted it with a loop and hooked it on:

Being a bit particular with how things should coordinate by size and colour, I shuffled the paintings around on the floor before I got to hanging them up (I won’t be doing this everytime we get a new batch of artwork home… they’ll just get hung on up in a lovely chaotic display!):

I love our high ceilings, but I had to really stretch myself to get these up, even while standing on a chair. (Spiders love it – I’m sure they know they’re safe to sneer down at me from their lofty positions in ceiling corners!)

I love how the sun shines through them and makes the ceiling a bit prettier!

I took a close-up of this one, because it’s a great idea (particularly for boys?) to make painting more fun:

As far as I can tell from Master W’s explanation, and from looking at it, he painted it by driving cars (or trucks?) through paint and over his paper – one in blue and one in green! I think I’d have fun doing that too!

Here’s a parting shot as we walk out the door again (and I must admit I kept wandering back to stand by the doorway for another look all afternoon – proud mama!):

I love that this was so easy to do (cost: nada, time: just a few moments) yet it looks fun and will provide an easy way to keep putting up new stuff and gradually removing the old as the line can’t take any more. I may also put up another one on the other side of the beam so we double the line space and have a back to back display which means the not so pretty backs of the artwork won’t be seen.

Note: In case you’re counting, the seventh artwork went to a delighted Gran and is cheering up her kitchen fridge-face.

Anyone else decorating kids bedrooms or getting some little project done without spending loads of time and money?


5 thoughts on “Kindy art as nursery art

  1. miss browne design

    Lovely! My sister-in-law did that in her girls’ bedroom across each wall by their beds – very good for individualising a shared space. I love kids art – so free and colourful! Master W is very talented ; )

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