Tidying up on Topsy-Turvy Thursday

Today is topsy-turvy Thursday at Master W’s kindy. Sadly he is home with a cold, so his topsy-turvy outfit has been spinning around here all day.

He helped me give our white vinyl sofa a going over with my magic whitewash sponge – it was seriously in need of it. It’s one of those things that you can live quite happily with until one day you look a little more closely and it’s “didn’t we order white vinyl?”

You can see the difference on this seat cushion – the right half has been cleaned, left of the arrow… not clean:

And on the other end of the sofa is some evidence of our topsy-turvy day:

Our house is littered with red and yellow dot stickers. They were meant to be littering kindy. I had the grand idea of covering him in dot stickers, head to toe. I’ll be picking them up for days!

You can see them flying off him here:

Is anyone else getting to a job that gets ignored for 99 days out of 100, or having a topsy-turvy Thursday?

4 thoughts on “Tidying up on Topsy-Turvy Thursday

    1. Jolene Post author

      Haha! I can imagine quite well actually… wooden floors are lovely but despite my best intentions to vacuum AND mop each week I don’t often get to the mopping. So yes, I can see that bucket of water…

  1. Stacey@aGh

    Oh goodness… too many of these thing are waiting for me at my house. How does everything get so dirty so fast? AHHHHH! Look how pretty the couch looks after … and the little dots look like your son is considering an art or design career. Hey, it works! HA HA! I too have that bucket of dirty water! We’re all in same “bucket”!


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