Ebook reader recommendations?

Note: No renovation or home improvement mentioned in this post. Because occasionally we do other things. And sometimes we do so many other things that renovation grinds to a halt for a couple of weeks.

Trips to the library with one toddler in tow were enough of an adventure for me. With the addition of a baby I’ve been staying well clear!

Hence my decision to buy an e-reader. Such decisions are just the start of hours of internet searching – which one is right for me?

Kindle e-reader: device frontal view

I started off with my foot firmly in the Kindle camp, enticed by the old value for money, price for function spiels. But (and it’s a big but), soon had to discount them completely for the sole reason that they restrict you to reading only Kindle-ised publications. Not a big deal if you’re happy to trot off to their vast store of all the books you could dream of. But for me, who doesn’t buy books (call me cheap or call me wise, it’s up to you) and prefers the library system, I was lucky to find pre-purchase that any ebooks to be loaned from NZ libraries cannot be read on the Kindle.

After a cursory glance at Sony’s (too expensive) and other lesser known brands (I tend to prefer the bigger brands – safety in numbers right?) I’m looking at the Kobo, from Whitcoulls.

Black Kobo Touch eReader

I’m going to splash out on the touch screen one. Ooooh! It’s about time I embraced technology… my laptop is almost retro (2007) and my phone…? Let’s just say it’s a hand-me-down from my mother who has well and truly one-upped me and got herself an iphone.

Miss E and I plan to go shopping tomorrow (because sometimes housework needs to be ignored, just so it doesn’t take me for granted), so I’m hoping if you have any advice for or against that you let me know right away! Which e-reader do you recommend and why? Does anyone have anything bad to say about the Kobo Touch?



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