A happy room

We’re battling two-year old tantrums at the moment – boy was I unprepared for those. It’s a small comfort that I’m not the only one – coffee group mums unite!

The latest attempt at discipline involves a time-out corner. I made the decision that this was not to be in the bedroom as I want our kids bedroom to be a happy place. One where they can enjoy some quiet time (or not so quiet…), relax and have fun. Eventually the two of them will be sharing, and I’m hoping they will come to love hanging out in their bedroom, jumping on the beds (yes, you’re allowed to jump on beds at our house, but only your own bed) and hauling all the books out to find their favourite.

Since the addition of toys in our household, I’ve changed my style-tune and now embrace colour in its multiple forms. Rather than try and conform all toys to fit a particular colour scheme (“sorry, you can’t give my child that toy, it won’t match his bedroom”), I’m working with the decor so no toy left lying on the floor or put away on the shelf screams “yeeeah! I’m the loudest in here!”

So far, we’ve made a start with a calm white space (Resene Half Rice Cake), a patchwork quilt, a yarn wrapped W and some tin soldiers.

There is a loooong way to go! I’m thinking floor rug, window treatments (over the blinds), artwork, new storage, eventually a bunk bed system of some kind and a reading corner.

Here’s a little moodboard of sorts:

Fan: image from here via here. We inherited a similar one from Andre’s Oma, it’s super cool.

Desk lamp: image from West Elm. A khaki coloured clamp desk lamp of unknown origin has survived 4 moves and 18mths in storage and now just needs a new plug on it and somewhere to clamp to.

Manrobe: image from Trade Me. Currently have a saved search for the perfect man(robe) and hoping to find my love at first sight soon.

Mirror: image from Pinterest. Again we got lucky and inherited a similar one from my Poppa – I love it.

Rag rug: image from here if you want to make your own. Or if not, you could join me on the waiting list for an Offcuts rug from Freedom Furniture. They’re taking a jolly long time to get them in stock… sigh!

Yellow dresser: love this one from here. We’re about to inherit (third time lucky!) a not quite so pretty one from Andre’s parents. It’s mahogany veneer but I’m hoping some chirpy yellow paint will help it along!

Room inspiration from here. And if you go check out Kelle Hampton’s blog you’ll be in for some life inspiration too, she’s lovely and has no idea I stalk her.


3 thoughts on “A happy room

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