Discovering pea straw

As mentioned here, I’ve started a relationship with pea straw.

So far, so good, but it’s one of those “let’s just take it slowly and see where we end up” kind of relationships.

It all started with this:

Weeds. There’s no way to say it nicely… weeds – and a whole lot of them (you can see more here if you really want to see the full extent of my shame).

This was what I faced every time I went out and came home. It got a little tiresome, especially after multiple lots of weeding sessions. With no further attention they just kept coming back to haunt me.

To be honest, after I dumped the mess of old back lawn here I covered the lot with old cardboard boxes to not so subtly discourage the weeds from poking their noses up by my front door. But Andre promptly got rid of them, saying they looked horrible. So… do you think weeds look nicer??

Anyway, moving on from that, I’ve had a couple of weeding sessions just lately, and last weekend the garden bed was looking a little better:

Those green sprouts you can see right at the end are actually wee bay trees sprouting up from the roots of the tree which is the only thing we’ve kept here. The roots got a bit exposed with all that has gone on here, so it is making hay more trees while the sun shines! I’m hoping once we cover them up they’ll just die off… we’ll see!

Because we have plans to use part of this as a vegie garden (temporary or otherwise – I don’t like the look of vegie gardens at the front, or side in this case, of a house, but we have limited other places for a vegie garden if we want it to flourish!) and this house is home to two inquisitive little ones I really want to keep all things in the garden as safe for eating and playing as possible. A tiny bit of research got me thinking about pea straw as an option for helping to keep the weeds down, then breaking down to feed the soil and make it a little more nutritious for edible plants.

Off I went to Mitre 10 to get some, only to find as with so many bags of garden things it came with a warning to wear gloves and a mask while handling it. Like I can keep gloves and a mask on my two year old when he goes exploring in the garden?!

A little more internet time and I came up with this real (as opposed to dehydrated pallets) pea straw from ZooDoo. Free delivery and less than $8 a bag. No harm in giving it a go, so I did! I ordered 4 bags and they were delivered right into the garden a couple of days later – conveniently on a Saturday.

A few bits of grass sprung up there in the few days since my first weeding session. Don’t worry – I dealt with them before I put the pea straw down.

It took just a couple of minutes to spread and now I have my fingers crossed that it keeps the weeds down, at least until we get the bed finished so we can fill it up with some more healthy soil and get something planted in there!

In case you’re holding your breath along with me – don’t. This weekend is full up with helping some family to move out of their house, and Mothers Day visits. Maybe next weekend!

Note: 100th post! Whoop whoop!


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