Progress – how do you measure it?

I’m feeling a little like Stacey from a Goode House today.

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday and there is pea straw waiting for me to spread (not to mention weeds to pull, sawdust to sweep and so so much tidying to be done) but here I am inside trying to transition the little wee one into her cot.

I’ve given up this morning and she’s back in her hammock with the string attached so I can rock, rock, rock in a radius from the computer to the dining table to the kitchen sink.

But, she started her sleep in her cot (it’s the getting back to sleep after the first cycle that is the biggest struggle) – that’s progress.

Andre and Master W have been outside removing the formwork from the wall that was done last week and starting to build formwork for the home stretch. That’s progress.

We sold a couple of chairs that were getting passed from room to room, always in the way. That’s progress.

With beginning the cot transition yesterday, my housework didn’t get done. But there’s not much dust in the house and the housework is not screaming my name. That’s progress.

In the first cycle of Miss E’s sleep yesterday I managed to fill a grocery bag of paperwork that is destined for the bin. I also got another file folder of investment bits and pieces sorted. That’s progress.

I’ve folded a load of washing this morning and sorted Miss E’s overflowing drawers, removing anything that was too small. Admittedly it was just dumped in a large box full of other bits and pieces still looking for a home, but at least it’s out of the way and not going to annoy me everytime I get her dressed. That’s progress.

I’ve managed another blog post, albeit without any pretty (or not so!) pictures. That’s progress.

Now it’s coffee time. My favourite time of the week when we all sit down and read the paper and have coffee (or hot chocolate) together!


2 thoughts on “Progress – how do you measure it?

  1. Stacey@agoodehouse

    Lots of progress here! It’s hard to measure isn’t it. Anyone that is smart enough to look through your wonderful blog can see that there is certainly progress at your place. Throw a little one into the mix and you’ve got your hands full. Cheers to the every day accomplishments!!!

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