A wardrobe dilemma

I was going to tell you about my wardrobe reorganise today, but then I looked at the pictures I took, and realised there’s little difference between the before and the after. More work to do… sigh!

So I did a little Pinterest browsing to find some dream wardrobes, because among other things, that’s what Friday’s are for!

I’ve been hankering after a freestanding wardrobe as our current built-in was an afterthought and its looks and function leave much to be desired.

The only decent ones to be seen on Trade Me come with a price tag to match so I quite like this idea from here, via here:

Paint could cover a whole lot of ugliness couldn’t it?

I’m going off cube storage, but I have to say it’d be nice to have this kind of cupboard – even the chair has it’s own special space (from here):

Pinned Image

There’s the simply sweet:

Pinned Image

And there’s the “maybe we should take a step back here“:

Pinned Image

Come on people, do you really, truly and honestly need all those clothes?

Anyway, enough time wasting, there’s housework to be done!

Quick question: Built in or freestanding wardrobes? The built in is good for resale but is a not quite right built in worth keeping just for that reason?


4 thoughts on “A wardrobe dilemma

  1. miss browne design

    I love that yellow wardrobe – very cool! And I have to agree with you about cube storage – they do look good but sometimes it can be difficult to get them to look tidy!

    Is your built in wardrobe inside the wall or built into the room? My opinion is if it’s a built in wardrobe that sticks out into the room and not inside the wall, and it is also not aesthetically pleasing, then it should go. A freestanding one would look much better! If, however, it’s not too ugly then maybe you could paint it? Personally, I would be using any excuse to get a beautiful freestanding wardrobe like the yellow one!! 😉

    1. Jolene Post author

      Isn’t it lovely (the yellow wardrobe)! The wardrobe is built into the room and is a tight fit – it’s too narrow to hold hanging clothes very happily but it can’t be any bigger because it’s jammed right up next to the window frame (not a good look). I have a saved search on TradeMe – Andre might just come home to find I’ve ripped the old wardrobe down one day!

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