Drawing the curtains

With the evenings getting cooler my nightly blind pulling run around is now well before dinnertime and I definitely notice the lack of window furnishings at the french doors off the dining space. Cold shoulders at the dinner table are nothing to do with family relations.

Yesterday involved a visit to Bunnings with all the family in tow. Not ideal for browsing the curtain selection (we did come away with a rug for the play area in the lounge, but alas it just looked too small in the space and is waiting for me to return it… sad) but as you can probably imagine the selection is not great and I managed to rule it out completely in less than 30 seconds. It helped a lot that they had every single option hanging up for a good view.

What I did learn in that short moment of time though, was that while I know what I don’t want, I have no idea what I do want in curtains at the french doors. So as I did with the paint scenario I turned to Photoshop to help me visualise some options.

I love the range of curtains at Anthropologie so I grabbed some of theirs (although they don’t ship to NZ and the price puts them a bit out of my league – a girl can dream!) to hang at my virtual windows.

Straight away I spotted these knobs/finials on the curtain rod:

I quite like them… but as that is something that can be changed out or added to a standard rod I’ll think about that a bit later. One decision at a time!

Here’s the current unfurnished (and unpainted you might notice… hmmm) french doors which lead out to the deck:

As well as retaining heat (or providing some shade when the hot sun streams in in the early afternoon) the curtains will very much be a focal point of the room.

You might remember the splashback in the kitchen, in duck egg blue, and you’ll see that there are also touches of yellow – a yellow painted pendant light (oops!) and vases/flowers on the kitchen bench. I also plan to add some artwork in both these colours sometime soon. So, with that in mind we have a colour scheme of white, wood tones, concrete/stainless greys, and feature colours of duck egg blue and yellow.

To throw something out to start with, I tried white curtains (with the idea that once we develop the back yard, the view will be prettier than the curtains):

Hmmm, definitely not startling, which is either good or bad. Verdict: could be better!

You might also notice the curtain rod I’ve added into these pictures – above it’s in stainless, others it’s white. Take note, and let me know your preference, although it will depend a little on the curtains we go with too.

To follow the colour blocking trend here’s some solid yellow, and duck egg options:

Hmm, not my favourite although the duck egg blue version could grow on me if I stare at it a bit longer. Note that these are just visualisations, and I spent less than two minutes to create each one, so things like lighting are way out, and there’s no shadowing or anything to give them a little more reality. It might help if you squint!

This next one I really don’t like, but I’ll show you anyway – it’s a grey option to tone in with the floor and the stainless touches in the kitchen:

And now to some more interesting patterns:

Aaah, now we’re talking! I definitely like the patterned options best. I was a little worried about having a bold patterned curtain here when our lovely and vibrantly patterned rug is just a hop, skip and a jump away in the lounge, but if I try to find a complementary pattern I think we’ll be fine!

Let me know your favourite style/colour, and whether you think we should choose a white curtain rod so it blends in, or a stainless one to help frame the view.

Oh, and if you have any advice or recommendations on curtain purchasing, please feel free to pass it on. Thanks ever so much!

Note: If you’re going to advise that I make my own, you can keep it to yourself (that’s the polite version of what I said to Andre last night when he made such a suggestion).

8 thoughts on “Drawing the curtains

  1. Amanda

    I like the patterned looks above – adds an element of interest to the windows. I like the blue patterned ones when they’re pulled back especially. My vote is for a white rod that blends in and doesn’t detract from your curtains.

  2. miss browne design

    I have to say that I find curtains on french doors a little impractical – every time the doors are open you have to hook the curtains up to stop them blowing outside and getting dirty (although I’ve just seen you’ve got ties in the pictures above – probably more practical!).

    Have you considered a roman blind hung higher so it just covers the top window frame? You could still have a wonderful patterned fabric for colour and interest while they’re up (I like the gorgeous blue one second from bottom), then lower them nightly to keep the warmth in. We have a roller blind on our french doors which never gets in the way but we can close at night for privacy. I was going to go for a roman blind as well but find the roller blind is enough for us as the glass is thick safety glass and doesn’t seem to let in much cold. Just an idea!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Noted thanks. I hadn’t thought of that, and it is a very windy part of the house (the doors often get shut because of the wind slamming doors and blowing paper around the house). I do want to use curtains there rather than a blind though, because in that area there are no soft furnishings and I think it will help cosy things up a bit. I’m keen to give it a go anyway. I think with tie backs they should be fine in the wind – it’s more the grubby fingerprints I’ll have to contend with, being right by the dining table and kitchen.

  3. Sonja

    I LOVE the yellow pattern ones at the bottom. Definitely color looks good and the pattern adds so much to the room. We have still to do curtain purchasing, and someone has recommended that Spotlight is cheap and have amazing choice for fabric. Can’t wait to see what you end up with, exciting!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Agreed, definitely going to go with a colour and pattern of some kind. I look longingly at the curtain section in Spotlight each time I pop in to grab something quickly, but curtain/fabric selection takes a lot of time and I always have the kids… therefore no time! One day I’ll have to leave them with Andre and go scout out some fabric.

  4. B&S

    Hey, they do ship to NZ. I recently brought some curtain tie backs from there and I adore them! I think the shipping rate is about $25 but you can email them for an estimate 🙂

    PS love yr blog!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks for your comment, and I’ll check out Anthropologie again… might have to get my hands on some of their gorgeous curtains after all!


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