Polka dots and a whole lot of dirt

When we bought the house (right about two years ago we signed up… wow!) the back lawn looked stunning – lush and green and ready for a wee game of soccer.

Just a few months later, it looked like this:

Clearly, before the house was sold they laid ready-lawn. Ready it was but not for long. A sodden mess all winter, it very quickly dried to a bare patch of hard dirt as soon as the sun came out.

It didn’t take much to find out why:

That lush green lawn was planted right over the top of concrete. Not much leeway for growth here!

Just after we put up the clothes line out the back, we dug up a section of the dirt and weeds so I didn’t have to get my gummies (wellies) on everytime I ventured to the clothesline, and at the weekend I decided to just get stuck in and dig up the rest of the sorry mess. The first lot we dumped in the slowly progressing side garden, but the weeds are growing rampant, and because we want to use that as a vege garden, we figured we may as well just dump this and get in some “good” dirt.

So this is what I started with on Saturday morning:

My method was just to cut in some slices and then scoop them right up into the wheelbarrow:

Ahah! The polka dots! This photo was specially taken so you can see my fancy new gumboots! It’s been a long time since I had my own pair of gumboots (the last ones were pink with crocodiles on them) so I’m quite excited about these ones. Nearly as excited as our toddler who is also sporting a shiny new pair since he’s well grown out of last years.

After 5 minutes it started to drizzle and Miss E didn’t like that (she was watching and giving encouragement from the comfort of her bouncer) so I only got this far before I had to head inside to do some rocking to sleep:

After another 10 minute round (sleeps don’t last long unfortunately) I got up to here:

What should have taken half an hour in total ended up taking a whole lot longer, so thankfully Andre pitched in after lunch and finished it off. There is now a nasty concrete patch where once (briefly) there was a lovely lawn, but we have plans (oh yes, we have plans!) and in the meantime, it will be very pleasant to not have a soggy mud pit this winter, and already it is the preferred spot for tricycle riding and mountain climbing (the pile of dirt we left in the corner is just made for a two year old boy isn’t it?).

If you’re wondering why the pile of dirt is there rather than on a trailer ready to be dumped far away from here, it’s because the trailer is a semi-permanent park for a pile of builders mix which is destined for the s-l-o-w-l-y progressing side garden.

See, s-l-o-w-l-y:

13 thoughts on “Polka dots and a whole lot of dirt

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