Why I like Fridays

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It’s house cleaning day!

With the toddler out of the way at Gran’s, Friday is my day for tidying and cleaning. So satisfying to have a clean house!

So between feedings and rocking to sleep I’m buzzing around the house putting stray objects back where they belong, scrubbing the bathroom, vacuuming, and then rewarding myself with the ever-present icecream and chocolate sauce!

Thankfully the little one is happy enough to sit watching the washing machine go around and around!

Image above from Pinterest.

8 thoughts on “Why I like Fridays

  1. asha24

    That sounds like the way to do it! I’m still struggling to keep on top of our housework since we stopped getting a housecleaner a few weeks back. We got one once a week in those early months when things were difficult with Sophie. This week, I’ve just done housework when and where I can – managed to mop our floorboards and vacuum the carpets so far 🙂

    1. Jolene Post author

      Well, you just have to do what you can, no point stressing about it! I’m just spoilt to have all the grandparents nearby, and particularly by the long-standing Friday arrangement.

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