No couch potato

Note: Just found this post of a week ago which somehow never got published… bonus, two posts today!

I would love to be a couch potato right now… instead, I have a little girl who won’t sleep unless I’m holding her and moving constantly. Rocking as I type one-handed…


Anyway, I want to let you know about the less human variety of potatoes in my house. Back here and here I was all excited to create some order in my walk in pantry of sorts.

Making order out of chaos continues, with a storage unit that was built a while ago (all I can find are some photos of the last step – fixing on the castors):

For some months the unit has been in place under the microwave, but with a haphazard arrangement of storage containers in and on it:

I discovered just last week that Briscoes now offers online ordering and it got me all enthused (again, it doesn’t take much!) about decluttering various areas of my life house.

So the view into my pantry now looks like this:

A small, but pleasing improvement! The storage boxes are wooden, and stained grey. My initial idea for storage boxes here was to find or rebuild some from old apple boxes or similar, but I was having trouble finding any, and ran out of steam a little. So while these look ever so slightly tacky in their “rough stained, trying too hard to look vintage” way, at $5 each and a more streamlined looking pantry, I’m smiling!

I have plans for on top of the unit also – basket plans. But the baskets I have in mind are currently being used elsewhere in the house, so I first need to sort out what’s in them before they can make their way to the kitchen and do the job of holding the packets of extra flour and sugar and bits and pieces that don’t yet fit into the full containers on the shelves.

Here’s some parting shots of my new potato (and onion/garlic, and various packets) storage:

A good friend of mine told me not to store my onions and potatoes together, as the onions make the potatoes go soft, or something like that. So I put my onions on the left, and the potatoes on the right, with some dry goods packets in the middle. Hope that will keep the troublemakers apart enough.


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