Habits of a two year old lifetime

Well, we made it! On Friday of Easter weekend we were up bright and early and shifted our little-big boy into his new bedroom.

He keeps forgetting, and runs off to his old bedroom when it’s sleep time, or to get his shoes, or some books to read! We are creatures of habit. I found myself the other day at mums house opening the cupboard under the sink for the hand towel, over and over again, just because that’s where it is at my house (here)!

If you’re following my to do list, there were a few simple things to do in the new bedroom prior to shifting our little-big boy in.

Namely, adding the socket and switch covers, a ten second job one night:

Then a slightly more tedious job… insulating tape around the draughty (just had to look that up, it’s not drafty unless you’re in the US) window. It’s so draughty/drafty that it bangs in the wind even when it’s shut!

But, no more:

It’s a bit hard to see there, but Andre had a big roll of self adhesive foam tape in the garage, so he just cut strips and adhered them to the outside of the window frame, to create a better seal when the window is shut. We need to do this on all our windows… we go to sleep at night listening to our blinds banging against the window frames, despite the windows being closed, and it being a mildly windy night… sigh!

Enough of the small talk though, here’s the first draft (ahah! Draft is the correct term here, AND in the US) of the kids bedroom. Currently only occupied by our two year old boy, he will be joined by his little sister just as soon as she is sleeping through the night and they’re not likely to wake each other up.

Nailing in the picture hook for…:

The space claiming “W”:

You might remember the first yarn wrapping I attempted here, which was a little on the pink side for a boy, so I made him a new one in navy. He’s a navy sort of boy. Our little girl has her own version, here.

I bought him the other couple of tin soldiers as a “new bedroom present”, to match the first one, from Nood, so now he has the complete set to display.

The bed corner:

 And the storage corner:

And a couple more:

This simple toy is my favourite! It was a freebie from Mary’s Market and on it’s “right side” it has painted crosses for eyes, hence it’s name – Ol’ Cross Eyes. He is one of three soft toys that spend the night in bed. Anyway, I just love this photo for it’s portrayal of the casualness of small children in that they are so accepting of change (While I was so meticulously preparing his new bedroom, the little one “helped” by grabbing his bed friends and a few books and scattering them on the floor, before running outside to do some “building”) and also how it shows the character of our home – the old and the new, and the homely mess!

Still, much to be done in here, and it will be ever evolving as our little girl moves in to make her mark, then they grow and bed arrangements will change.

Immediate plans though are to purchase a rug, add some window treatments to soften the look of the blinds, and add some artwork to liven up the blank white space.

I’m also keeping an eye on TradeMe for an old manrobe to use in place of the functional but “no personality” shelves.

17 thoughts on “Habits of a two year old lifetime

  1. miss browne design

    Ooh and might have to check out Mary’s Market too – I’ve heard of it but didn’t realise it was a seconds, samples and ends of line market. I also love the Citta outlet on Normanby Road in Mt Eden – that’s always good for a nice bargain gift or two!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Do – it’s a great market for gifts, if not for your own kids. Agreed on the Citta outlet store – would love to get there more often!

  2. Amanda

    What a lovely room for a little boy! Gorgeous quilt!! It reminds me of Grace’s one and those tin soldiers are so cute. Can’t wait to see what artwork you go with.

    You were asking about the heart on Grace’s bedroom door, I didn’t make that one but it is handmade by a friend. She is thinking of selling some of her craftwares though soon and opening an online store so I will let you know when she does 🙂

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks Amanda! I would like to get a W-shaped door hanging, and then an E when our little girl moves into the room too. The idea is that they will prevent the door banging, as much as be an ornamental and “who lives here” statement – am I asking too much?!

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  4. Marian

    Hi Jolene, did you inherit the shelves in W’s room or buy them. I love them & would be perfect for my spare room for all my craft stuff & ironing basket.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Hi Marian, my husband actually built them a few years ago – they have been very useful in multiple houses since then! If you are not in NZ you could try Ikea for the Expedit shelving, otherwise, most furniture shops have a similar cube shelving system. If you are in NZ and can wait a bit we might be selling them once I find a manrobe instead!

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