Pretty as a picture

I’ve just inherited a painting from my Nana, who has just moved north, away from her home town, to be nearer 90% of her family. She, and we are all excited that we’ll get to see her more often, as being way down in the south island, we only got there every couple of years. And having just a few weeks ago been wondering how and where we would all get together to celebrate her 90th, it’s now going to be very straightforward and I am so looking forward to it. We missed the 85th shindig as we’d just left for London, and were stopped over in Dubai when the party was underway.

Anyway, Mum got the job, along with another of her sisters, to pack up all Nana’s belongings and distribute them to the poor and needy, or anyone else who got in first.

Mum thought I might like this painting, which apparently she has always liked, but there’s nowhere fitting for it at her house.

I’m a wee bit undecided if I really like it… I’d like to like it, and I think I do, but it’s definitely not love at first sight… like my wee Hamadan rug was. I don’t think it has any value… it was painted by a local artist in the early 50s, and appears to be acrylic, because there’s not a lot of texture to it, but then again, the vibrancy of the colours might suggest oils? I’m not an expert…

What do you think – love it or kitsch it?

I also got a stack of these sweet little illustrated cut outs. I’m unsure what purpose these had, but I have vague childhood memories of playing with them. I love them, and am saving them for a special project, yet to be dreamed of – any ideas??

5 thoughts on “Pretty as a picture

  1. miss browne design

    Oh I love that painting! So beautiful and the colours are so vivid. I wonder if it could easily be reframed or if you could paint the existing frame? It’s lovely!

    The illustrated cutouts remind me of decoupage pieces – perhaps you could do a modern patterned decoupage type thing with them for the kids’ room, say onto canvas or in little frames? My immediate thought was to laminate them, put a magnet on the back and use them as little fridge magnets for the kids to make up their own scenes while you’re cooking tea! x

    1. Jolene Post author

      You do?! Yay! I’m sure it could be reframed… I’m not sure where it’s going to end up yet so no doubt it will live a little longer in the current frame. I like your idea about the magnets… they’d look fabulous on my fridge, I’d play with them myself!

  2. miss browne design

    Oh and I meant to say how lovely to have your nana up for good. And 90! My grandparents have all passed and I still really miss them. It’ll be great being able to visit her more often! And lovely to have something of hers in your home (the gorgeous painting!).

  3. Sherwood Forest Maid

    I love the picture, a new frame would really bring it up to date. The cutouts – sweet memories. Maybe you could use them on white card stock to make cards, or around the edge of a 12x12in cork floor tile to make a pinboard?? Love the blog.


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