Duck egg blue + storage = I’ll have that

I was shopping at the big red shed a few weeks back (lots of weeks actually, it was pre-baby and she is almost 6 weeks would you believe??), shopping for shoes for the toddler among other things, and as I strolled by the storage department I spied these pretty boxes!

I thought to myself… hmmmm… they look like me! In fact, two of them look like me (and him if you read the labels I suppose). They were only $7 each, and are pretty sturdy little things. Previously we had manilla folders sitting on the desk, and while I don’t have anything at all against plain manilla folders, they just weren’t up to holding all the bits and pieces that were collecting within.

These boxes do a much better job of hiding all the bits of paperwork we’re trying to avoid. Paperwork…? What paperwork?! “Unpaid insurance bill…? No, I never received it actually, could you please send it again?” (True story, I found it in my file after I got the phone call!)

We are well on our way to finishing the new bedroom, and this office nook is next on the list, so hang around for more if you’re into officey things and storage and filing and other such geeky things like myself.

In the meantime, you can take a look back at this lovely piece of office furniture which is mine, all mine!

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