Putty in my hands

I’ve been doing a spot (…or three hundred) of puttying in the quiet moments of the last couple of days.

No offense to my father-in-law who has given up way too many Saturdays to help with all our building requirements but every time it gets to the puttying stage I wonder “does this little piece of trim reeeeally need that many nails to hold it up?”

Most of what you see on here has Andre in a starring role, with me behind the camera (and directing more often than not, multi-tasking woman that I am) but when it comes to puttying I do think I’ve done at least my fair share and therefore have a more mastered technique. It was, however, Andre’s suggestion to use a humble piece of icecream container lid (plenty of those around here…) in place of a putty knife, thinking the flexiness of it would make for a tidier job and therefore less tediousness in the sanding.

Something else to recommend is that you don’t work straight out of the tub of putty as it does dry out quickly. I use whatever piece of scrap timber is at hand as a palette, using a small amount of putty at a time.

Step one: With a small amount of putty on your “flexi-piece-of-icecream-lid-applicator” push firmly into, and smooth over the hole. (One size fits none blue gloves optional.)

Doesn’t look so hot (or smooth) yet…

But here is where that comes in… using the edge of your “flexi-piece-of-icecream-lid-applicator” (in case you think I typed that again… two words: copy, paste) scrape off excess putty (as barely seen in below awful photo, apologies from my awkward left hand).

Ah hah! Smooooth:

As opposed to this putty-knived version:

So not only have I puttied today, I’ve sanded too. Done! Let’s all paint tonight!


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