A wider view

As mentioned previously we are replacing the door in the new bedroom with the left over sidelight from the french doors. It was removed when the doors were shifted from between the lounge and dining area to replace the old ranchslider heading out to the deck.

Two reasons for removing the door in the new bedroom: 1. It has no window in it, and with only one other smallish window in the bedroom it could really do with some more natural light. 2. When children are a bit older a door would be a way of escape… a non-opening window hopefully more of a challenge (and I don’t mean that in an encouraging sort of way, rather that it should at least take a little more time to break out and theoretically we could then catch them in the act).

So with that in mind for the coming weekend, Mr has been doing a little prep work to ready the sidelight for its new position in life.

It’s not quite an exact fit with the existing doorway so some additions needed to be made:

In case that’s not clear, and because it looks a little fuzzy to me (or is that lack of sleep?) here’s a close up:

It has also been sanded down to smooth things out, and will get a coat of primer over the bare areas later today.

Here’s where it’s going:

Really need to do something about shoe storage at back door…

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