Housework and dreaming

Today, I did the housework! Vacuumed, mopped and cleaned the shower. Thanks to Mum for cleaning the rest of the bathroom yesterday.

Other than that, I have been dreaming a little… of non-maternity clothes and welcoming, beautiful and functional front entrances…

Here’s a little inspiration, from The Design Files, and check out some more here on Pinterest:

Pinned Image



4 thoughts on “Housework and dreaming

  1. Amanda

    Such a great feeling of accomplishment when something as simple as mopping your floors gets done when you have a newborn in the house 🙂 I’m happy if I can just manage to keep our kitchen bench clean and tidy these days, anything else is a bonus, well that and the 101 loads of washing I seem to do each day. Hope you are doing well with your little one. Has your husband gone back to work yet?

    1. Jolene Post author

      Isn’t it just! If I can manage a blog post as well then it really feels like I’ve done a hard day’s work!
      Yes, my husband is back at work now but thankfully I have a mother and mother-in-law close by who are both happy to help out. Spoilt I know! Glad things are settling down for you now.


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