Living the quiet life with a newborn

If you asked me last week if I was looking forward to some quiet time when our baby comes I would have looked at you sideways, actually make that upside-down.

But, that’s just what this week as been for our little family of four after the arrival of our little girl early in the week!

Here’s a wee peek at our precious poppet…as you know I don’t tend to put photos of my kids on here (when the time comes, they can carve their own little space on the internet and I don’t want to ruin it for them in the meantime) so take a good look at her!

We’ve been home for a couple of days, and while the sleepless nights are coming back to haunt us we are loving being home all together (although I am dreading Daddy going back to work and leaving me to go it alone as a mum of two).

While I’m just concentrating on feeding, sleeping and personal hygiene for all my family, Andre has been busy with odd jobs and toddler entertainment (which conveniently enough can often be combined when you have a boy who loves pottering around with tools).

Here’s the current job list (as written up on this project of ol’ times):

And a few things that have already come off the list (bring on the long weekend and let’s get them all off!)…

Sanding, sweeping, varnishing, repeat… again… and again… and again… Poor Andre is so over the floor in the new bedroom but it’s very nearly there and I love it despite it’s patchiness (see here for just how much it means to me!):

I find it very encouraging to look back to see just how far this room has come.

Five months ago we came home from Sydney to this:

Then three months ago we cosied up this space for our little ones:

And two months ago we had it lined, plastered and spent every day sanding and vacuuming:

Next on the to do list for this room is to replace the door with the extra sidelight that came off our french doors way back when we shifted them from here:

To here (it’s a bit hard to see but above there are the doors, folded open, and sidelights on both sides, but below we removed one of the sidelights when we shifted them to replace the ranchslider, which left us with a spare):

Then we need to add trim and do a whole lot of painting. Then comes the fun part of decorating (that’s where I get to make up for lost time and create a nursery for my kids which will make up for them both beginning life in a barely personalised corner of our bedroom) and the long awaited move in! I’m currently on the hunt for a largeish, multicolour,  round rag rug – any suggestions?

We also took a trip back to get some more of these handles from the Timber Recycling Company on Archers Rd in Wairau Park, and in a fossick through some other bits and pieces we found a new latch for our bathroom door. The old one was a bit dodgy in that when you were inside the bathroom and slid the latch across, you thought you were well secure and could happily take your time, but I doubt any of our unsuspecting visitors ever figured out that you could still open the door because the hole in the door frame had come away on the outside.

So once Andre dealt with that false latch he installed this relic of old public toilets (I missed all opportunity for progress shots as I was ensconced with newborn and spill cloth on the sofa):

From the other side, as I’m sure you can imagine, it looks like this:

And the bit that took the longest was to make this catch for the door frame, which didn’t come with the bits we purchased. When we get around to painting the door frame, we’ll just paint over the hardware too, so in the meantime we’ll just have to live with the messiness of it.

Now that I’ve mentioned these blissful quiet days I may well have jinxed it and you won’t hear from me for some time! We’ll see…

9 thoughts on “Living the quiet life with a newborn

  1. Amanda

    Congratulations on your little one’s arrival!! Big hugs to you all. Take these early days easy and try and get plenty of rest. It definitely is full on when hubby goes back to work but day by day it gets easier and you find your way x

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