Wiping my feet

You might remember this project from a long while back… I have to say it hasn’t been successful in the long term.

Here is how it looks today, at the back door:

Oooh so sad! That was the yellow/gray one, which was my favourite. It does get the most use and is the main entrance for all things going on renovation-wise as both the new kitchen and new bedroom open to this wee porch.

At the front door it looks slightly better, but as you can see it’s not a permanent solution to pretty doormats:

I think the hand/spray painted doormats might be best left for seasonal projects such as “Merry Christmas!” – then at least you might get a few years out of them…

Anyway, all things are worth a try aren’t they?

As you can also see there is much else to be done at both our front and back doors – they are far from pretty. Steps to be waterblasted and probably painted, door steps to be sanded and painted, some kind of storage for old shoes and boots would also be nice.

As I write Andre is out doing is bit for the prettification cause and building some formwork for a concrete walled garden out front… I’ll be back with photos when it’s done, but don’t hold your breath!


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