In a holding pattern

This is one reason why there’s not been much else to post about lately… the other reasons include my current preference for afternoon sleeps and icecream treats.

The boat trailer is something of a priority for the other half of us right now, as summer is progressing quickly, and Mr’s sailing buddy is off to the Northern Hemisphere in just a few short weeks. This boat was purchased many months ago and came on a dodgy trailer that I think even Mr was surprised to make it home with, so the only water it’s tasted in a while has been from a water blaster.

Because Mr’s sailing experience is somewhat limited (but not admittedly), I’ve said I don’t want him out in it on his own at least the first time. So what with the boat currently grounded while the trailer is finished, a baby due any day (and I have put my foot down about him sailing off into the deep blue sea prior to baby’s arrival after multiple warnings that it happens much faster the second time around) and the more experienced sailing friend about to desert him, time is of the essence and sanding floors, painting walls and other such things are not even on the radar.

I will just be happy to clear some much needed floor space in our bedroom (soon to be shared nursery) by getting a couple of mirrors hung and a whole lot of Mr’s paperwork sorted and filed or binned!

He knows what will happen if I have to do it for him, but fortunately for him I’m happiest lying down right now!


2 thoughts on “In a holding pattern

    1. Jolene Post author

      It’s a brand new one – the old one got us a few $$ for scrap! He got the main frame built and has added rollers and wheels etc himself.


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