Sleeping like a baby

Or with a baby…

Once again our bedroom has had a tidy up, with things like fishing rods finally being removed to their rightful place in the garage!

This is what it is looking like now that we have come to terms with the impending arrival and decided to get a little more organised:

For the first few weeks we’ll sleep the baby in the bassinet (which fits on the pram), but the cot is just a good place to keep the bassinet up off the ground and out of reach of a more than likely over-enthusiastic big brother. I’ve put the change mat (under the capsule) at the other end for a convenient height without the bother of a separate change table. My all time favourite blanket (which inspired my love of duck egg blue by the way) is draped artfully over the end of the cot – see?! We don’t know what we’re getting so I’ve tactfully put a few blue and a few pink colours amongst the neutral, but overall we’re looking at duck egg blue, brown, white and other natural colours, which works well for either a boy or girl, and also fits in marvellously with our duvet cover. I have one other project up my sleeve to “decorate” this temporary space in a more personal way but that will just have to wait for show and tell until post-baby.

Here’s a more close up view of the available storage for baby bits and pieces. I am 99% certain we will be pushing this to its limits by Day 3, but that’s just going to have to do. There IS no room for anything more!

This location is the third in as many weeks for this particular storage unit – it started off in the other little one’s bedroom, then was repurposed by Mr (see here if you need the full account) and then I took advantage of his first day back at work for the year and reshuffled things once again myself. (It’s all in the name of encouraging Mr to “get rid of his junk” – I figure if there is nowhere to hide it…?)

His side of the room (fishing rods have been removed – whoop whoop!):

And mine:

To be fair, I get cupboard doors so you can’t see what lies within! We plan to actually get rid of all these odd bits of storage and revamp our awful wardrobe to try and fit everything in there…

For now though, we’re bunking down and just making do because time is of the essence when you’re just a week away from being “full term”!

7 thoughts on “Sleeping like a baby

  1. Vintage by Lou Lou

    How exciting about bubs soon to be arrival. I look forward to reading about that and following your renovations on your first home xo

  2. ddLynn

    I’m becoming a regular to your blog and love your content. I hope I’m not giving you too much of a project amongst all your other pressing projects, but I am nominating you for “The Versatile Blogger” award. I hope you accept! Best of luck on all the wonderful things presently occuring in your life. As a DIYer and a mom of four grown boys, I look forward to seeing more of your projects.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Why thank you! It is nice to know there are regulars and I very much appreciate your passing on the award. This is the second time in as many months that I’ve been awarded as a “Versatile Blogger” – I will certainly link back to you to say thanks in my next post!

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