Doing the laundry

While I realise my laundry is about to take a major hit (grubby toddler plus leaky newborn) I think it’s pretty well ready for it (more than I am that’s for sure)!

In the last couple of days it has gained some much needed waterproofing by way of tiles and silicone:

These tiles are the same as we used in the kitchen (scroll to the bottom of this post for a pretty picture). We bought them from Mitre 10 at less than $8 a sheet, and we just needed 3 sheets for the laundry.

Another small but vitally important improvement are these surprise purchases by Mr just a couple of days ago:

He went to buy some door handles to match our existing ones which he’d seen at a junk shop previously, but picked these up as well. We figured it’ll take years and years to get all matching ones, so these are quite different but retro in a similar way. I love them! And the good thing is there are more available so we can change all our existing mismatched or missing wardrobe knobs.

Here’s an overall picture of the laundry and linen cupboard doors complete with their snazzy door hardware:

And a baring it all shot of the inside:

99% finished if you disregard the doors and door frame, which I’m blatantly doing and have been for some weeks. Painting at 37wks pregnant – bah! I have feet to be putting up!

11 thoughts on “Doing the laundry

    1. Jolene Post author

      Yes, I admire the handles every time I walk past! Just need to get back to the shop and grab the other ones for all our wardrobe doors before someone else snaps them up…

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