Floors that talk

Last night I noticed some new markings on our floor…

At first I was a bit concerned, but then I thought “hey, that just shows that people live in this house!” Whether it was the little one brmming his cars and scratching the floor, or an extended family member dragging some bags of “heavy stuff” over it I can’t be sure, but it just adds to the mystery of what this house knows that we never will.

I’ve just been for a walk around, thinking of all the other little quirks in our floor that suggest of its past life, or even it’s recent history that we’ve been a part of…

In the corner of the new bedroom, which used to be hidden under the laundry cupboards, is this patch of concrete which may well have been there as a more solid alternative to the timber floor to support a boiler…?

It was what Mr was working on in this mysterious shot from here. Now that it’s ground smooth there is just some grouting to be done at the edges where some bright spark has used foam filler previously.

There’s also this little fire-related accident which has branded the floor for-ever-more (a burning ember making a dash for it, from a spark screen free fireplace):

And this is just one of many marks where furniture has been hauled across the floor:

More recently we have this little patch by the office nook where we cut out part of the old kitchen wall:

Some day it will be sanded and finished and will blend a little more with the surrounding floor…

Here’s some more of the same, but even worse… it’s a little hard to tell in the photo but it looks as if the hot water cylinder once sat here and leaked its contents? It was hidden under the old kitchen cupboards, but now marks the entrance to the new bedroom. Once again it will be sanded and refinished, perhaps with some floorboards replaced if necessary. This is fairly high on the priority list (along with everything else!)…

This is an example of where we have removed part of a wall and refinished the floor – it’s in the laundry (the flash has made things a little obscure but in reality there is not much to notice):

This is the new step between the lounge and dining area (see more way back when) which got taken to shortly after finishing, by the little one and his daddy’s hammer (it’ll come back to haunt him when we choose!):

And this precious concrete floor with all its heartbreak and trauma is definitely on the scuffed side these days but is progressing nicely to match with the character and story-filled timber floors throughout the rest of the house!

I’m still trying to figure out whether a more casual attitude to imperfection is something that happens by default when you go through a renovation, or something that happens by default once you have children… probably both? What do you reckon?


4 thoughts on “Floors that talk

  1. miss browne design

    We were so precious when we moved back in after our renovation. Poor kids! A year and a half later and we are just so much more relaxed about it. I think it is the realisation that a house needs to be lived in, and not a gallery. We have so many scuffs and dents around the house now. I try to keep on top of them, but then, I figure anyone who doesn’t live here doesn’t notice, and it’s a little forgivable anyway in a tiny sixties box of a house to have a few scars from three kids running around!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Totally! I’m surprised at how relaxed I am about things, although we haven’t repainted throughout like you did so it’s a little different when you’re living with the work in progress and it’s never all nice and new at once! We just look at the dents in the new step between the lounge and dining and say, well at least it matches the rest of the floor! And you’re so right that noone else notices – at all!

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