On the go

This post was intended for pre-christmas but didn’t quite happen…

While there hasn’t been a whole lot to report, we have been busy as ever chipping away at lots of little things, like new roller blinds throughout (remaining curtains and tracks have now been removed):

Swapping shelves between bedrooms (which involved some sorting of junk along the way):

The smaller shelves are now in the master bedroom temporarily but will likely end up in the 3rd (kids) bedroom again later:

And the large shelves which were in the master bedroom are now in the little one’s current bedroom and will move with him into the new bedroom in a few more weeks. There are some alterations to be made to these shelves yet to allow for hanging clothes and the smaller storage baskets. I also need to purchase some more baskets to keep everything tidy.

Grinding the odd patch of concrete where an old boiler sat in the new bedroom (this photo shows the drop sheet set up intended to keep the dust to a minimum – no photos of the process itself as I wasn’t getting the camera anywhere near it!):

Priming the walls and ceiling in the new bedroom (just getting started here, but it’s finished now):

Crafting up a cushion for a present (here is the letter I marked out on the inside of the cushion cover, which I bought, to use as a guide):

And the finished cushion:

Painting the trim around the lounge to dining, and office nook:

Building a new boat trailer… no pics of this sorry but it’s just to show not everything is house related!

Plus there have been a couple of trips to the hospice shop to dump old curtains and what-not, a trip to the scrapyard with an old trailer, a bunch of present buying trips and some making of goodies for Christmas Crackers:

You can expect another post like this in a few days after we’ve achieved a few more little bits and pieces about the place!


7 thoughts on “On the go

  1. Lindsay

    Wow you’ve been busy! I love your furniture – specifically the orange chair, the two white chairs in the lounge area and all of the Eames chairs 🙂 I’m also jealous of all the greenery outside your window…it’s all frozen and bare here in VA.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks Lindsay – we are busy but not so much working to a deadline as just pottering along with our huge to do list! I’m looking forward to when the house is completely tidy and everything in it’s place so the furniture stands out a little more amongst the boxes and piles of things in the corners! The Eames chairs are replicas actually from a company called Ezibuy here in NZ. No room for the real (expensive) versions with a messy toddler and more to come – they have no respect! Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.

  2. miss browne design

    Yes, you sure have been busy! How does one do that whilst heavily pregnant?!

    I LOVE the roller blinds – don’t they make a huge difference in simplifying your home and letting in so much light! Also love the W cushion – very sweet! x

    1. Jolene Post author

      Well I wasn’t so heavily pregnant last month. This month it’s all about just getting the washing done and the tea cooked – and I’ve been having an afternoon nap everyday! The roller blinds have made a huge difference, you’re right. I can’t wait to get some sheer curtains up over the top to soften it though… not a priority just now however! The W cushion was part of a “big boy box” present for Gran – full of things to help with transitioning into a big boy bed and out of nappies etc.

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