Merry Christmas from the Duck Egg Blue family

We are having our own little party for 3 tonight so I’m feeling like it’s Christmas already!

It also helps that I’ve finished up with work and am free of a work cellphone and emails so the holidays, for me, are here already!

At least until the little one arrives to fill its booties (image inspired by this image on Pinterest):

I had grand visions of a mid-century styled Christmas tree like this one but time was of the essence, and passed me by. I have made do with decorating the fireplace with the handful of decorations found in the depths of a box behind the sofa, and a bunch of other things around the house in a general theme of red, white and black.

The behemoth on the left is a trike for the little one which my husband insisted on wrapping – it made him feel like he’d “got something” for our boy so while the red and white trike with some festive bows on the handle would have looked quite styley and in keeping with the theme, I let him wrap it up in newspaper. I guess the black and white print is still in theme! And I agreed it would be much more of a surprise than a bows on handles disguise. There is still at least one present to be wrapped and added to the stash, and as yet only one with my name on it (funnily enough it has my writing on the tag?!) so fingers crossed I don’t just have to play Santa tonight.

This Merry Christmas garland I made last year – it’s just cut out of photocopy paper and joined with red thread… and nastily sellotaped to the mantelpiece. Free but definitely not lacking impact!

I pulled out an old phone and candles, shifted a painting from off the sideboard and added some beads and ornaments to the mantelpiece to make it sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!” (It used to sing “Groaning Under the Weight of Magazines and Dust”.)

On the other end is a little white frame into which I popped this Kikki.K card I had stored up (intended some day for a picture gallery on the dining area wall), and the painting is a student version of a Masterly painted depiction of Paris, purchased at Camden markets in London. We had grand visions of purchasing more paintings of various cities as we travelled but the only other one we got was of Shanghai on our way home. Funds… or lack thereof.

I purchased this Christina Re paper in January (on sale – how organised was I?!) and it has been useful all year due to it’s not completely Christmassy nature and is still going strong! The gift tags I printed myself and I think I  found them here, but can’t just spot them again now – if you know where they came from please comment!

I’ll be back with a few updates on things on the go around here, which have not yet made an appearance because they’re not yet finished. However, it’s time to stop dilly-dallying and just get ‘im up finished or not. Otherwise you could be waiting some time…

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