Naughty secret santa

We had a family get together last night for Christmas, and the adults participated in a secret santa gift-go-round this year.

I bought something I would use myself so if the opportunity arose I could swap a not so useful item for mine… oooh cheeky! Mum didn’t fall for it… as soon as she saw someone else open it she knew I’d bought it and could see what was coming…

I bought (was going to insert a picture but it appears to be missing from the website) a Nood picture frame in white. 50% off! It’s to add to my collection for a gallery in our dining area. A little like this one.

I also bought another present for my kitchen – this time a couple of white canisters, with bamboo lids and a chalkboard panel for scrawling a label, temporarily or not so. Also 50% off! Whoop whoop! Now our coffee (real for him, decaf for me while bubs is brewing) is housed a little more stylishly and tastes ever so much better!



6 thoughts on “Naughty secret santa

  1. miss browne design

    Haha! We play that game also, and, like you, I have also bought a very nice gift that I would quite like to keep (Gran’s Kitchen cookbook by Natalie Oldman They are normally quite expensive and have a beautiful letterpress cover (drool!), but I picked it up at the kids’ daycare for $20 – bang on the Secret Santa limit!

    It’s supposed to be very secret – your spouse is not supposed to even know what you’ve bought. However, hubby is under strict instructions to nab “my” cookbook if the opportunity arises – somehow, that goes against everything Christmas!!!

    So did you get to keep your photoframe?!

  2. miss browne design

    Well, I didn’t get my cookbook. I had every opportunity to nab it, but I think it goes against all gift-giving etiquette to steal your own present back. My brother-in-law got it instead and he loves to cook, so I’m very pleased that at least it’s not just going to be put on the shelf and gather dust for years!

    And, as I know you really want to know (not!), I received a very handy two-handled, two-bladed, curved chopping knife with its own little wooden bowl to chop in – great for cutting large amounts of herbs. Basil pesto, here I come! x


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