Containing plaster dust

The latest plastering and sanding job has gone relatively smoothly (excuse the pun), not least because I wasn’t involved this time! But even Mr commented that it didn’t seem so bad this time as last time and I am very impressed at how little dust has found it’s way beyond the four walls of the new bedroom despite not sealing off the doorway or anything. It seems plaster dust is quite heavy and clingy and not liable to blow through the millimetres under the door. We can be very thankful for that.

It’s also not caused too many tantrums from the little one not being allowed into the “noo bedroom” – he certainly knows what dust is and has accepted the “too dusty” reason.

Here is one corner as of 3 weeks ago:

And yesterday it was my job to clean up this:

You can see above how we’ve boxed in around the hot water cylinder. I’m the first to admit it’s not an ideal addition to the corner of the room and it certainly encroaches on the window, but we had no option besides going down the expensive route of getting consent to shift the cylinder. I think once we add some storage shelves to the right and a nice, tidy window treatment it will look a little more like making sense.

More dust:

This is the internal door wedged shut with a stanley knife of all things. At this stage the original exterior door is still in place as it is very useful for all the ins and outs of plaster dust covered people and tools. Once we’re done cleaning up in here it’ll be replaced with the spare sidelight from the french doors and access will only be via the internal door off the hallway.

Needless to say my first attempt at cleanup didn’t seem to make a dent in the dust despite collecting half a bucket of the stuff. I might have another go at it tonight and then snap an “after” shot or two.

Still to do in this room (post clean up) is:

  • sanding all patched bits of flooring (not a small job as it will involve some grinding of concrete – more on that when we get to it)
  • add trim
  • replace exterior door with window
  • paint, paint, paint
  • install downlights
  • install curtains
  • add door handle

So the goal of end of November is well out… by Christmas – probably not happening either… post Christmas and holiday but before baby – fingers crossed!

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