An early Christmas present for my kitchen

The latest Homestore catalogue was full of lots of goodies, but it was this cloth rail that I earmarked as a Christmas present from me to my kitchen.

So, unusually for me, off I went to the Homestore on the first day of the sale and snapped me up a dish cloth rail! I like to have the dish cloth somewhere handy and out in the open so it can dry/air between usings so I’ve never been one to hide it away in the cupboard. But I have always hated this look (I’m talking dish cloth, not herb pots awkwardly on a plate):

And from another view:

At $49.95 (reg price $59.95) this wasn’t a bargain, but I think it will be one of those little finishing touches that make all the difference in a ¬†functional but beautiful kitchen! Plus, it’s not permanently attached so can be excluded from the chattels when we come to sell… aka lifetime investment in all my kitchens to come!

Here’s a (slightly fuzzy) after or three:

It’s a bit hard to tell here but it is attached by magnets on the underside of the sink – I’ve circled one of the magnets to help you out a little!

This will be something in my home that most people won’t even notice, but will give me a little bit of extra pleasure in my day – I’m fine with that!

I wish all “projects” were as simple as a quick trip to the shop and then a 2 minute no tools install, but alas they are not! There have been loads more of the more time consuming variety going on here so more on that tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “An early Christmas present for my kitchen

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