Reclaiming the pantry: Stage 2

You might remember stage one of project pantry?

Well last weekend I spent the whole afternoon on stage two.

It has taken some time to get from stage one to stage two, because I had to come to terms with spending over $500 on Tupperware. $500! However, when I look back in 30 years I’m sure it will seem more like an investment than an extravagance. I know my mother and mother-in-law are more than happy with their Tupperware and the lifetime guarantee they provide.

I began by working through the contents of my pantry and writing a list of what size container I’d like, and would fit into the appropriate shelf. I have definitely not got a container for every item, but all the pantry staples are covered and the less used items are doing just fine in their original packaging.

Anyway, here is how it was looking a while back before stage one:

And here is the result of hours of sorting and reordering on the shelves (more on my reordering obsession here):

I was working on some labels for the containers when I got a call to say the order was on its way and that they’d popped in a sheet of preprinted labels for me for free! That was much appreciated, although I’m not a big fan of the font… font snob! I did have to handwrite a couple, but I was surprised how many of my pantry items were already on the sheet of labels.

I’m not quite done yet though… stage three involves the storage under the microwave which still needs some work. Because (those of you who said this would happen can feel free to say “I told you so” about now) the door is left open most of the time I’d like this quite obvious area to have a little more going for it in the way of style. What I have in mind is some rustic wooden boxes fitted into the storage box, with some baskets sitting on top. One day…


5 thoughts on “Reclaiming the pantry: Stage 2

  1. Mrs D

    Ok so I have serious pantry envy! Just found your blog, like what you’re doing with your house, especially the open shelves in the kitchen. Cheers .. xxx

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