Wrapping a good yarn

I’ve had a few yarn wrapping tutorials and inspiration images collecting for a while and finally I got some wool and just went for it and made my first yarn wrapped letter!

It’s a W for my little one, and was made in honour of his new bedroom, but for now it’s hanging out in his current bedroom while we plaster, sand, plaster, sand, paint, paint, paint!

This is the main tutorial I looked at before I just hotted up my glue gun and did my own thing.

I picked Helvetica font as it’s a classic, and I thought it might be easier to wrap a sans serif font for my first attempt. It’s around 25cm tall.

Tools of the trade:
Metal ruler
Cutting board
Letter stencil
Hot glue gun

I just penciled over the corner points of the W rather than over the whole thing – with all straight lines I decided this would be quite sufficient!

Then pencilling over the back to transfer onto my card stock:

And then it was just a matter of joining the dots:

And cutting it out – one lovely big Helvetica W:

This is the wool I purchased, along with a whole bunch of others for my crochet project:

Sadly, what I thought were reds when I bought it (online) are definitely pinks, so the whole colour range reads a bit more girly than intended, but we’re living with it for now and if I decide to redo it this one will be turned upside-down and donated to my niece Milah! Unless anyone knows any W girls?

Here’s my tools all laid out the other night (I would not be writing about this had my very generous father-in-law not offered to help Andre with the gib stopping, therefore leaving me to my own devices for the evening!):

And getting underway:

I used a tiny dab of glue on the corner to secure the strand of wool and then it was just mindless wrapping around and around, until the first “corner”:

This was pretty well made up as I went along but it seemed to work… once I got to the bottom of the inside “leg” I zoomed right on down to the bottom and started wrapping up again. I used another dab of glue here at the bottom, keeping all my glue and crossing over yarn on the back side.

This was repeated twice more and then finally I was wrapping up the last leg of the W:

Then I was onto my second layer of wrapping, which I did in a different direction with the advice of Bailey from Let Birds Fly in mind to wrap in the direction that the letters are hand written. As is the case with a W it’s “down, up, down, up”:

While this second layer was quicker it was actually quite hard to keep all the “wraps” in line and not slipping off the sides. I did use a bit more glue to keep a few of the strands near the edges in place. And then the last dab of glue to secure the cut off strand:

And the finished product:

The whole process took about an hour and a half but it was strangely relaxing… wrapping… wrapping…….wrapping……….wrapping!

Next time I would use foamboard rather than card as it did bow a little what with me pulling the wool tightly to keep it on. Other than that, and the pinky tones, I am rather pleased with my effort and so is the little one:

7 thoughts on “Wrapping a good yarn

  1. miss browne design

    Oh, that is so sweet! I love the gorgeous pic of Little Mr too!

    There is a lady who sells MDF letters on Trade Me very reasonably in a range of different fonts. I got some a while ago for Max in a sans serif and they are cool! I painted the sides white and spray glued some beautiful Christina Re paper on them – fiddly but worth it! I looked for her but she doesn’t seem to have any listings at the moment for MDF letters but here is her link anyway in case you might like some in the future: http://www.trademe.co.nz/baby-gear/baby-room-furniture/wall-hangings-paintings/names-letters/auction-417581504.htm

    I think they are much nicer than the ones at Spotlight! x

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks! Next time round I will definitely use foamboard or as you suggest an mdf letter.
      It’s been too long since I’ve browsed racks of Christina Re paper! We need to arrange a design shop day before the end of the year…

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