1, 2, 3… kitchen complete

Finally, finally, finally I can say the kitchen is finished*!

Over the last week the final pieces have been put in place, and I’ve unpacked the last of the kitchen things to put away.

For many weeks we’ve had this going on in the kitchen, plates on the bench and “towel rails” sticking out of the wall at right:

But finally after baby steps of cutting, sanding, joining, thicknessing…

…more baby steps of sanding and sealing:

And finally the installation begins:

And then the arranging of crockery and glassware! The current arrangement is the everyday dinner set, glasses and mugs on the bottom, the second dinner set in the middle, and more decorative and least used items up the top:

I just love the grain in the timber – it adds a warmth to the kitchen that wasn’t there before!

Here is a bit of an overall shot to finish off with:

*Disclaimer: Finished in our house means there is loads more trim, windows and another top coat on the walls to be painted.

11 thoughts on “1, 2, 3… kitchen complete

  1. miss browne design

    WOW! I thought they looked amazing when I saw them leaning up in the lounge, but they look even more amazing on the wall in the kitchen with your things stacked so beautifully! Such a lot of work has gone in to them, and they are fab!

    Oh, and I love the picture of hubby drilling in his socks – such a classic Kiwi DIY-guy shot! x

    1. Jolene Post author

      They do look great – I’m so pleased to have them up and all my things unpacked and on them!
      I actually meant to put a bit of a note on that photo to say “don’t try this at home!” It’s not ideal is it… but yes, that’s how things get done sometimes.

  2. ddLynn

    Love the clean look of your kitchen! The open shelving is perfect. And the windows…oh how I want that much light in my next kitchen! Great job!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thank you! I’m loving the light too – you might have noticed the old kitchen in our before photos, which was a bit “in the middle of the house” and had no windows! Word of warning though – all that light does mean heat, and already it’s getting pretty warm in there on sunny evenings which makes cooking dinner a bit hard going! I plan to invest in some sunshade blinds in the near future…

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