It’s pink!

Some time ago, we planted a cherry tree and I’ve been watching with increasing nervousness that we killed it during planting… Most of the cherry trees around now are laden with blossoms, and ours has been teasing me with no more than a few buds for the last few weeks.

But this week it’s decided to show its true colours – pink! I think they may be the pink kind that turn to white but will keep an eye on that. We thought it was white when we bought it so I was a little surprised at the pink but could grow to like it once our house is painted. Right now the pink and peach combo just doesn’t inspire me. Pink and a pale grey however, could be one fine combination don’t you think?

Here are a few snaps of the beautiful blossoms:


2 thoughts on “It’s pink!

  1. miss browne design

    You are such a tease!! When I read your post title, I thought (or maybe hoped!) you were talking about the baby bump! 😉

    But getting back to the real topic, the pink cherry blossoms are gorgeous! So nice to have a decent statement tree out the front – ours is a pohutukawa planted by the previous owners. I do love your cherry blossoms though – so delicate and pretty! x

    1. Jolene Post author

      Haha I thought I might get a bite! The problem with our statement tree as you put it is it’s surrounded by other trees which have had probably a 10yr head start on it!
      We do plan to take them down though, once we put up a privacy/childproof fence out the front. Hopefully the cherry tree thrives and does become much more of a statement tree in the next couple of years.
      Loving all the cherry blossoms around at the moment… so tempting to cut a branch and bring it inside, but I am resisting!


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