Blanket storage

Towels, sheets and camping gear… no blankets?

Unfortunately my new linen cupboard has no room for blankets when they’re not needed in the warmer months.

Which has led me to storing them above the wardrobe in the master bedroom. Currently they are “stacked nicely” but still look messy and cluttered, so I’ve been hunting for storage boxes or baskets large enough to store them. There are also spare duvets and cushions to consider too. Being above the wardrobe they are somewhat on display so I don’t want to go down the plastic vacuum bag route, but want something that will be a nice feature, without screaming “look at me up here!”.

So far this is what I’ve come up with:

1. Blue And Natural Toy Basket from Trade Aid
2. Wool Felt Basket by manusmade on Etsy (I have enquired about a custom size, which would be around NZ$180)
3. Maine Underbed Trunk from Freedom
4. Samira Box with Lid from Freedom

My main requirement is large (at least one 50x50x40ish cm), second requirement is with a lid (otherwise I imagine having to wash everything each time it comes out for use), and third is it has to look great!

Currently I am tending towards a selection of the above – two or three in different but coordinating styles/colours. I’ve also thought of making up my own felt box with a lid… sourcing felt in any sort of meterage is proving difficult though. Any ideas?

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